Die GUE/ NGL-Fraktion - eine vereinigte Linke im Europäischen Parlament? (German Edition)

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Subject: EU support for Holocaust survivors. Subject: Clostridium difficile in the EU. Subject: Assistance for EU homes affected by flooding. Subject: European Year against Food Waste. Subject: Recommendations to Spain, de-indexation law. Subject: Recommendations to Spain regarding public health.

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Subject: Recommendations to Spain regarding tax policy. Subject: The cost of damages against the Commission following court cases in Subject: Abduction of a Turkish refugee by the Greek police and his surrender to the Turkish authorities. Subject: A system of compensation for delays in the transfer of numbers by telecommunications providers.

Subject: Establishment of a European Patent Court. Subject: Impact assessments for cross-border projects. Subject: Developing trans-European transport networks in Europe. Subject: Combating youth unemployment in Europe.

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Subject: Public consultation on energy by the Commission. Subject: Protests in Turkey against the Erdogan Government's islamisation process.

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  • Subject: Extending transportable wheelchair dimensions for use on trains. Subject: European contribution to improving working conditions in Bangladesh textile industry. Subject: Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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    Subject: Ban on barbecue grills with a high health risk. Subject: More responsible business conduct on the part of EU companies. Subject: Protection for victims of violence throughout the EU. Subject: Free movement of workers within the EU. Subject: Protection of small bank depositors when a bank needs saving. Subject: 1. Subject: Importance of carrying out social and environmental audits of suppliers. Subject: The right to vote, to stand for election and to hold public office.

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    Subject: Unsustainability of executive pay in listed companies. Subject: Abduction of a Turkish refugee in the centre of Athens. Subject: Impact of the possible rise in excise duties on Luxembourg fuel on European emissions. Subject: Annual report on the quality of bathing water.

    Subject: Anti-dumping measures relating to the import of Chinese solar panels into the territory of the European Union. Subject: Arrest of suspect involved in the stabbing of a French soldier. Subject: Alleged cyber-attacks in Australia from China. Subject: Binge drinking and drug addiction among French youth. Subject: Effectiveness of combat against human-trafficking in the EU.

    Subject: Compensation for failure of olive harvest as a result of extreme weather conditions. Subject: Genetically modified plants with stacked genes. Subject: Unfair Chinese competition practices concerning turboprop short-haul aircraft. Subject: Twenty-one-action strategy to reinvigorate the tourism sector.

    Subject: Recommendations to Spain, labour market reform. Subject: Recommendations to Spain — Labour market reform. Subject: Research on poverty mapping in the EU.

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    Subject: Taking heating into consideration in the climate and energy green paper. Subject: Repeated acts of terrorism in Indonesia and Afghanistan. Subject: Classification of electronic cigarettes. Subject: Unacceptable discrimination against women in the workplace by the Jesolo seaside tourist industry. Subject: Possible funding for the Guardia rurale ausiliaria. Subject: Reception of sewage from ships and small boats at Baltic seaports.

    Subject: Establishment of an independent fiscal authority in Spain. Subject: Profits of electricity companies and price of electricity. Subject: Tourism for disadvantaged people. Subject: Suspending unemployment benefits for foreign travel. Subject: Recommendations to Spain, gender equality.

    Subject: State aid to football clubs — investigation into complaint regarding Real Madrid.

    Die Gue/ Ngl-Fraktion - Eine Vereinigte Linke Im Europ�ischen Parlament? - whitlikaktoco.cf

    Subject: Sustainability of the European social model. Subject: The future of EU-China trade relations.

    Subject: Restrictions on the purchase of farmland in Romania. Subject: Cooperation between Europol and Israel. Subject: Rights of people with reduced mobility in air transport.

    Leipziger Parteitag: Rede von Gabi Zimmer, Vorsitzende der Fraktion GUE/NGL im Europaparlament

    Subject: Assisting European banks in financial difficulty. Subject: Atlantic Ocean research alliance. Subject: Unrest in Turkey and prospects of accession to the EU. Subject: The S. Subject: The hidden dangers of low-cost food. Subject: Strategy for a global approach to tackling the problem of smoking among young people. Subject: Sustainability criteria for biofuels. Subject: Climate change — Protection from future flood risks. Subject: Changes to the proposal on FTT: still unlawful.

    Subject: Ambiguities in interpreting the proposed Directive on quotas of women on boards of directors. Subject: Festivities commemorating the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople. Subject: Project to build a market in the north of Alicante. Subject: Repercussions of healthcare cuts on the basic needs of persons with disabilities. Subject: Onward travel to Germany by asylum-seekers registered in Italy. Subject: Energy price disparities in the EU.

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    Subject: Infringement proceedings against Germany in relation to Berlin airport. In the Commission launched a public consultation on the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products. The stated aim of this public consultation was to provide sufficient information for the production of an impact assessment on a revision of the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products. In preparation of the revision of the legislation of veterinary medicine the Commission consulted stakeholders on key issues, including the distribution channel.

    The Commission will decide, based on the results of the public consultation and the impact assessment, whether there is a need to amend the legislation on the distribution channel. Consequently it is not possible at this stage to provide the assurances sought in the last question. Could the Commission clarify what current differences there are in the way animal medicines are distributed in the different Member States and what problems, if any, result? It obliges Member States to take all appropriate measures to ensure that those involved in the wholesale distribution of veterinary medicines are authorised and that retail supply is conducted only by persons who are permitted to do so by law in the Member State concerned.

    On this basis, Member States have set up different systems to distribute veterinary medicines. The Commission does not have information about problems linked to a specific system of distribution. Wie wird sichergestellt, dass keine Frischeier aus der verbotenen Haltungsform in andere Mitgliedstaaten verbracht werden?

    Seit dem 1. Which Member States have, according to their own information, failed to implement the ban on conventional caging? How many battery cages are involved?