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This disarming children's comic strip is set in the present day. The seven year-old boy, who is as honest as the day is long, savours life with an infectious appetite and is usually accompanied by his best friend fat Louis, the Tarzan who is testing the strength of the lamp on the mural. As he doesn't have a Mum, Jojo lives with his grandma or Mamy, in a place where the city meets the countryside.

The place where Jojo's overworked dad lives is a more built-up and modern environment. The vague date is no coincidence.

With recognisable scenes of everyday life, he tried to reconstruct a lost paradise. He combined his talent for spotting these small but priceless moments with a drawing style that was both dynamic and fragile, with lots of curves and pastel colours. Jojo was born in but inexplicably failed to achieve the level of sales it deserved. Hopefully time will put that right. Jojo Petit Jojo Where? Several Belgian comic strip heroes are fine role models, guys who are not afraid of adventure and stand up for noble values like justice, comradeship and helpfulness.

Quite a few renowned artists have a scouting past and revealed their talents for the first time in their member magazines. Selfless Toucan is the totem of Uccle-born Michel Colt the inspired leader , Hawk the intellectual , Cat the daredevil , Tapir the bon vivant and Fly the shy youngest member together form the Beaver Patrol. The last nine comic strips were dreamt up by Mitacq himself. The strip wall gives a false impression of the Beaver Patrol.

Painting blank walls in the heart of Brussels' Marolles district is probably one of those good deeds which scouts are supposed to do every day.

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Like Jommeke, Tintin and Spike and Suzy they often get home late for dinner because the heroic deeds urgently needed to be performed somewhere on the other side of the world. And it is not about some painting but humanitarian aid in countries with military dictatorships. The scouts of the Beaver Patrol Where?

What's that, a suit-wearing cat that is laying bricks to produce a mural of itself on the wall? Le Chat first appeared in Le Soir newspaper on 22 March Initially, the cartoon had a permanent slot, but later on Le Chat was used more as a disruptive element, turning up in unexpected places in the newspaper. The drawing style is simple, sober and efficient, which focuses attention on what Le Chat has to say. He does not live for applause but chuckles whenever he manages to briefly perplex readers. Something which he primarily achieves by way of absurd or philosophic remarks or jokes about apparently trivial matters, seen from a very different angle.

He does not aim for belly laughs, a chuckle will do nicely. The first album that combines the best jokes came out in and was a great success. Le Chat is also the self-portrait of Geluck. By and large, cartoonists are too shy to compete with the fame of their characters but Geluck is the exception. Innumerable radio and TV programmes in Belgium and France have made him famous. Le Chat can put the fact that in Paris, he was knighted as a Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres into context in four or five well-chosen words.

Le Chat Where? The animated film Tintin by Steven Spielberg has given a tremendous boost to Tintin's international reputation. In many respects, Quick and Flupke are the opposite of Tintin. They are subversive rather than role models. The two kids are just one year younger than Tintin.

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The strips consist of several humorous stories of one or two pages, with or without text. Whether Quick with the red turtleneck sweater and Flupke with his green jacket deliberately create mischief or cause problems whilst playing, they usually end up clashing with authority. Quick and Flupke Where? At the pearly gates, latecomers, lost or disobedient angels cause St.

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Peter no end of headaches and extra work. So he never gets a rest or a game of billiards. He who must ensure that everything goes according to plan in heaven goes through hell. Can you blame the good man for occasionally getting a tad tiddly, and allowing people into heaven who don't actually deserve it? The fact that St. Peter is familiar with every human failing is also apparent from the mischievous mural in rue des Minimes. The Palais de Justice is just metres away, and served as a source of inspiration for pranksters Janry and Stuf.

Lucifer could file complaints there against his famous upstairs neighbour. Not only does that spoil his barbecue, St.

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Peter is managing a real cannabis plantation and judging from his blissful smile, there is no question about the quality of the weed. The floating lawyer in his gown no longer seems capable of handling advanced legal texts. Not even a simple administrative detention. The long arm of the law is too busy with the shadows of the Rasta man and keeping an eye on a nude beach. Everybody needs to have priorities.

Passe-moi l'ciel Where? Suzy has an egghead, Tintin a quiff. Titeuf has both. Deriving his name from the egghead, "petit oeuf" was corrupted into Titeuf. But it is thanks to his proud, rebellious straw yellow crest that everyone immediately recognises him wherever he goes. It is not unlikely his behaviour has something to do with that as well.

Look at the comic strip mural. Is Titeuf on a school trip to the globes of the Atomium in Brussels and checking in the convex mirror to see if his hair is alright? Or was it an attempt to spy on the girls from the air? With a cheeky show-off, you never know.

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His jokes, tricks and caprices have tremendous appeal for young readers. With print runs exceeding 1.

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The comic strip hero has his own animated series, computer games and wallpaper and made it onto the cinema screens in Although his real name is Philippe Chappuis when he goes to the bank, he answers to Zep when he is signing comic strips. Titeuf is a humorous comic but doesn't only contain jokes.

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There is still room for emotion, amazement and tenderness. The guy speaks like a real child and not the way older people think that children speak. His adventures don't take place on distant planets but in the playground, the classroom, at home or on the way to school.

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  4. His imagination does the rest. He is convinced that his ageing teacher is an extraterrestrial. By seeing the absurd grown-up world through the eyes of Titeuf, you will split your sides laughing. Titeuf Where? Brussels loves Tintin. Rail passengers who get off at the Gare du Midi cannot miss him.