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CERN Multimedia. The Berliner Philarmoniker in on tour through Europe. They stopped on June 27th in Geneva, for a concert at the Victoria Hall.

From Berlin to Brussels. The paper evaluates the economic partnership agreement EPA which the European Union is forging with African, Caribbean and Pacific ACP countries and concludes that it is a raw deal for these developing countries. EPA as the second scramble for Africa would merely turn Africa into a dumping ground for European goods and severely undermine its nascent dev Rhythmanalysing Berlin Marathon.

First, we discuss how isorhythmic order is imposed on the city and event by race organizers. Secondly, we Thirdly, we explore the changing individual and collective rhythms that continuously emerge according to contingencies and stages of the race to compose Non-Monumental Layers of Berlin. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Since both authors strongly emphasize the former and present status of monumental architecture and monumental memory, this book review pays particular attention to a critical discussion of the non-monumental layers of Berlin.

It was originally dedicated to support space missions to small solar system bodies. Meanwhile the library includes selections of biconical reflectance spectra for spectral data analysis of other planetary bodies as well. The library provides reference spectra of well-characterized terrestrial analogue materials and meteorites for interpretation of remote sensing reflectance spectra of planetary surfaces.

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We introduce the BRSL, summarize the data available, and access to use them for further relevant applications. The reactor operates with a thermal power of 10 MW and is primarily used to produce neutrons for neutron scattering experiments. Hereby, the first pure LEU-standard-core went into operation.

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Our second LEU-core just ends its operation at the end of July. The third LEU-core will be built up in the beginning of August.

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Nuclear magnetic ordering in silver. Nuclear antiferromagnetic ordering has been observed by neutron diffraction in a single crystal of Ag. From the paramagnetic phase a second order phase transition leads into a type-I 1-k structure with long range order. The present report is a Ph. Besides the results of the nuclear ordering experiments the thesis contains a description of the theoretical background for nuclear magnetism and a review of earlier nuclear ordering experiments as well as theoretical work. The principles for studying polarized nuclei with use of polarized and unpolarized neutrons are presented, as well as the results of such experiments.

Reports from the working group on neutron scattering. The present report contains papers dating from July until May During this period the experimental facilities have been expanded; a new four-circuit neutron spectrometer was installed and, together with the Fritz Hafer Institute, a measuring point was set up for investigations of ideal crystals, the Compton scattering equipment has been essentially improved. The report contains a contribution on the mechanics and the control of the neutron diffractometers existing at BER II.

The main subjects of the scientific research work were magnetic structures and phase transitions, electron densities and chemical bonds, structure and dynamics of molecular crystals.

Hermine Termine - Veranstaltungskalender fürs Ruhrgebiet, Düsseldorf und Umgebung.

Their research activities are reported, too. Particle emission induced by the interaction of highly charged slow Xe-ions with a SiO2 surface.

Sputtering of surface atoms by low energy a few keV heavy ions is a commonly used technique in material science and applied physics. In general, sputtering occurs via nuclear energy transfer processes and is determined mainly by the atom-atom interaction potentials.

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In the energy range of interest these potentials depend only slightly on the charge state of one collision partner if the other is neutral. For these highly charged ions it is conceivable that electronic processes come into play as well.

If, for example, the density of charged surface atoms exceeds a certain limit, then particle emission can occur via the electrostatic repulsion of target atoms, the so-called Coulomb explosion. However, the order of magnitude of this effect is not clear until now. Precise modelling of the eye for proton therapy of intra-ocular tumours. Dobler, B. E-mails: b. A new method is described that allows precise modelling of organs at risk and target volume for radiation therapy of intra-ocular tumours.

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The aim is to optimize the dose distribution and thus to reduce normal tissue complication probability. A geometrical 3D model based on elliptic shapes was developed that can be used for multimodal model-based segmentation of 3D patient data. The tumour volume cannot be clearly identified in CT and MR data, whereas the tumour outline can be discriminated very precisely in fundus photographs.

Therefore, a multimodal 2D fundus diagram was developed, which allows us to correlate and display simultaneously information extracted from the eye model, 3D data and the fundus photograph. Thus, the connection of fundus diagram and 3D data is well-defined and the 3D volume can be calculated directly from the tumour outline drawn onto the fundus photograph and the tumour height measured by ultrasound.

The method allows the calculation of a precise 3D eye model of the patient, including the different structures of the eye as well as the tumour volume. Real-time dose calculation and visualization for the proton therapy of ocular tumours. E-mail: k. E-mail: r. A new real-time dose calculation and visualization was developed as part of the new 3D treatment planning tool OCTOPUS for proton therapy of ocular tumours within a national research project together with the Hahn-Meitner Institut Berlin.

The implementation resolves the common separation between parameter definition, dose calculation and evaluation and allows a direct examination of the expected dose distribution while adjusting the treatment parameters. The new tool allows the therapist to move the desired dose distribution under visual control in 3D to the appropriate place. The visualization of the resulting dose distribution as a 3D surface model, on any 2D slice or on the surface of specified ocular structures is done automatically when adapting parameters during the planning process.

In addition, approximate dose volume histograms may be calculated with little extra time. This paper discusses the advantages and limitations of this new approach. Report from the neutron diffraction work group. The theory of accelerated particles in AVF cyclotrons. This thesis deals with the study of the motion of accelerated charged particles in an AVF cyclotron. A new theory is developed which facilitates an accurate description of the influence of the acceleration on the motion in the median plane of a cyclotron. The theory is applied to systems with 1 or 2 Dee electrodes, the frequency of the accelerating voltage being equal to the revolution frequency of the particles or a higher harmonic of this frequency.

It turned out that the betatron oscillations in the radial phase space may be disturbed considerably as a result of the acceleration. In the theory the author makes use of the Hamilton formalism. After a number of canonical transformations a Hamilton function was found, in which the most important effects show themselves clearly.

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The corresponding equations of motion can be solved very quickly with the help of a simple computer program. The results of this theory are in agreement with those of extensive numerical orbit integration programmes. In this thesis attention is also devoted to the centering of the beam in the VICKSI cyclotron just after injection, the possibility to obtain single-turn extraction and the interpretation of the high frequency phase measurements. Development of suitable plastic standards for X-ray fluorescence analysis. For the adoption of the EU directive 'Restriction on use of certain Hazardous Substances' and 'Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment' using X-ray fluorescence analysis suitable standard materials are required.

Plastic standards based on acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene terpolymer, containing the regulated elements Br, Cd, Cr, Hg and Pb were developed and produced as granulates and solid bodies. The calibration materials were not generated as a dilution from one master batch but rather the element concentrations were distributed over nine independent calibration samples.

This was necessary to enable inter-elemental corrections and empirical constant mass absorption coefficients. The produced standard materials are characterized by a homogenous element distribution, which is more than sufficient for X-ray fluorescence analysis.