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Metamorphic piano shapes collide with electronic bursts of energy, shatter into impossible geometric figures and are reborn as new objects ready to start a cycle again, maintaining a constant acoustic fission self-destructing and self-repairing in a delicate balance. As chance sometimes leads to opportunities, improvisation sometimes sparks meaning.

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A quintessence of beautiful serendipity. Costero by Slow Meadow. Puerto Rico Relief by Various Artists. The proceeds from this track atmospheric electronic compilation benefit Friends of Puerto Rico. An in-depth look at the music, life, and influence of beloved artist Arthur Russell. Explore music. Margaret Meek. It can also improve composition and emphasize the essential aspects of the photo. Select an aspect ratio, e.

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Original , Square , , etc. Or select Free if you prefer to crop without being restricted to particular dimensions. In the example below, the Square aspect ratio is selected. A square crop removes the empty space at the bottom of the image, placing more emphasis on the child and birds. Drag the corner handles to adjust the crop position.

Tap the checkmark to complete the edit.

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Now, cropping might sound simple. But learning which parts of the image to crop out, and which to keep, is more complex. To create the most striking compositions, you must learn the art of cropping. The Rotate tool in Snapseed makes it easy to straighten your image.

Reiki-Brightness Healing

To rotate your photo manually, drag your finger over the image. Use the gridlines to help you get the image straight. When you rotate a photo, the tilted edges get cropped. The Rotate tool is perfect for straightening horizons in your landscape photos.

One of the most common perspective problems occurs when you tilt your iPhone upwards. Instead, they converge toward the top of the image. Learn how to use the Perspective tool in this video from my iPhone Editing Academy course.

In the example below, I shot the door with the iPhone tilting slightly up. To correct the vertical perspective, drag down over your photo until the lines become parallel. To correct horizontal perspective, drag left or right. When adjusting perspective, be aware of the black areas that appear around the edges. Snapseed will automatically fill in these empty space. It uses pixels from the surrounding area to fill in the gaps. If the edges of your image are fairly plain, such as sky, grass or sea, it usually does a good job of filling these gaps. But if the edges have a lot of detail, you may not get good results.

So when applying perspective correction, always check the edges of your image.

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Or crop the edges of your photo using the Crop tool. Click here to download this free report. The Healing tool removes unwanted objects from your photos. And the Portrait tool is perfect for enhancing your portrait photos. The Healing tool in the Snapseed app lets you easily remove unwanted objects from your photos. Pinch outwards with two fingers to zoom in on the object you want to remove. Use your finger to brush over the object. The area you brush over appears highlighted in red.

When you release your finger, the highlighted object gets replaced with pixels from the surrounding area. Then try brushing over the object again. Sometimes it can take a few attempts to get a great result. Use it to brighten faces, create smoother skin, and make eyes sparkle. Select a preset beneath your image, e.

Spotlight 1 , Smooth 1 , etc. Select the option you want to change, then drag left or right to adjust the setting. Be especially careful not to overdo the skin smoothing and eye clarity. You still want your subject to look natural after editing. Selective editing tools let you edit different parts of your photo separately. The ability to edit your photos selectively is incredibly powerful.

Mastering these tools will take your Snapseed editing to a whole new level. The Brush tool gives you ultimate control over selectively adjusting brightness and color. In the example below, the original image left was edited using the Brush tool right. The rocks were brightened, the clouds darkened, and the sunset colors made more vibrant. A minus value darkens the image, while a plus value brightens it.

Use your finger to brush over the areas you want to adjust. If you made a mistake, you can erase your edits. Then brush over the red areas to remove your edits. Switch off the Eye icon to hide the red highlight. This video from my iPhone Editing Academy course shows you how to use the Brush tool to add dramatic clouds to your photos.

The Selective Tool lets you edit different colors in your photo individually. After selecting a particular area of color, you can adjust its brightness, contrast, saturation or structure. This tool is useful when you want to apply different types of adjustment to different colored areas. Tap on the area of color you want to adjust.

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This adds an adjustment point small circle to your image. In the example below, the adjustment point is on the orange roof tiles. Pinch in or out with two fingers to adjust the scope of the selection. The wise men find Jesus through the light of a star Matt. When God saves us, the spirit of darkness that covered our hearts and minds begins to roll back as the light of God in Jesus works within us.

And yet, we long for a deeper vision. We long to be caught up in the radiance of the light of God in Jesus. And we will. So, in this season of Epiphany, we remember and retell the story of the light of God breaking into the world through Jesus Christ. We celebrate the defeat of darkness and proclaim a day when the very presence of that which is dark will be overcome by the glorious light of God.

We look back and we look forward. For the light of God is in our midst, and yet, even the brightest moments are but glimmers of the coming glory.

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  • During Holy Week, we see Jesus participating in a series of events that ultimately point to His enthronement as King of kings and Lord of lords over all. Although Jesus is in charge of everything and everything is under His rule, we see throughout the New Testament that nothing is beneath Him.

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