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A slice of cheesecake has about calories. Two cups of spaghetti with meat sauce and a slice of garlic bread contain about calories together, and a small thick-crust pepperoni pizza with a can of soda has about calories. A combo with a large soda 48 oz.

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In November , the FDA said that movie theaters will now have to post calorie counts on their menus. So no more guessing. The rule applies to food establishments with 20 or more locations, including fast food chains, amusement parks, and bowling alleys.

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An average small movie soda 23 oz. An average large movie soda 47 oz.

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Half a cup of cottage cheese has about calories, 18 cashews about 1 oz. Plain popcorn is a whole grain and a healthy snack, and requesting unbuttered movie popcorn is a good start, but salt and oil can be a problem.

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There are many reasons it can be difficult to watch your calories at a theater. Getting buttered popcorn and a soda at the movies is a habit that can be hard for many of us to break. Having dinner before the movie, instead of after it, can help curb hunger. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and email us. We'll happily add it to the list. Taproom Trivia, Mondays , free.

Two rounds of general trivia and a round about the movie of the week. Bonus points if you wear a costume or t-shirt related to the movie. Rocko's Fireside Beverly Blvd. Madison Pub E Madison. Drink and dinner specials for all players, winners collect cash prizes.

Quizmaster Kelly Shirey hosts with questions and answers displayed on the TVs. Teams up to eight players compete for raffle prizes, cash pots, and the coveted mystery prize. They previously collaborated in Road to Perdition At the time of filming, many CBP Officers had not yet been issued the new uniform. In the scene where Viktor is avoiding the security camera near the exit, the camera is of the Espree line manufactured by Pelco in Clovis, California.

The office that Homeland Security Department staff observe Viktor from is above a large "Borders" sign for a bookstore. The staff's job is to secure the borders.

True to his characters obsession with fishing, Stanley Tucci keeps a copy of a Master Cataloge from Cabelas. At the time it was the Bible for outdoor enthusiasts, fisherman and hunters. Tom Hanks' character has bathed in the bathroom sinks all the time he was forced to stay at the airport. The design on the towel he wore was of Ayrton Senna. It was available in white with lime trim used in the movie , white with blue trim and lime with black trim. It was likely purchased at Walmart or another inexpensive retailer. Kumar Pallana , who plays the janitor Gupta, juggles some hoops and plates while Viktor and Amelia have dinner.

He was in fact a real juggler and traveled the world when he was a young man, performing his juggling and balancing act. The film was shot with two endings. The original version of the film, previewed in Orange, California on May 26, , had the other ending, in which Catherine Zeta-Jones 's character Amelia goes into Manhattan with Viktor.

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Saldana later went on to play the role of Uhura in the Star Trek films, in which she dates Spock, a Vulcan. The movie is about Viktor getting the last remaining signature from the jazz artist. In the end credits, the actors, directors, etc. The characters played by Diego Luna and Zoe Saldana get married towards the end of the movie. Diego and Zoe voiced characters in the animated movie The Book of Life , who are love interests also, and are married by the end.

When Viktor wins in poker, he says he has "two nines and two nines. Four nines. Edit page.

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The Terminal Did You Know? For the collection to search. Tom Hanks.