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He really gets this room. It is advised that the users of this room be very specific about what they are looking for, as it has been shown that other people can enter the room and see what the occupant is doing if they know how the room is being used. The Inquisitorial Squad found the hideout of the D. K, Marietta by knowing that the D. Neville Longbottom used this knowledge to create his hideout, as he specifically asked that the hideout be made unavailable to those who supported Alecto and Amycus Carrow.

The first mention Harry Potter heard of this room was in , when Albus Dumbledore told Igor Karkaroff of his discovery of a room full of chamber pots when he needed to go to the toilet. However, he was unable to find the room again later like many of those who stumble across the room.

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During the first D. The Room of Requirement providing the D. Among the items provided by the room for the D.

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  • We’re pretty sure Albus Dumbledore stumbled upon it.
  • They were eventually discovered by the Inquisitorial Squad; due to the Squad wanting evidence, the Room provided the meeting room and the list of members. He found that many other students had used the room to hide a multitude of other objects, including the Vanishing Cabinet.

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    Draco was using the room to repair the Vanishing Cabinet so he could smuggle Death Eaters into the castle via a matching Vanishing Cabinet in Borgin and Burkes. They did in fact use the room to penetrate the castle, which even Dumbledore agreed was ingenious. The Room of Hidden Things became inaccessible whenever the Room of Requirement was used for another purpose.

    She, Ron and Harry had to go searching for it instead. When Harry goes to find it in Deathly Hallows: I need the place where everything is hidden , Harry begged of it inside his head, and the door materialized on their third run past. I'd say "yes and no", since it's only one form it can take. The ROR can be potentially an infinite number of rooms, and the ROHT is one of the rooms it can be, popular because many students want to hide things.

    LeoKing Agreed, if one understands the mathematical concept of sets - which I think is fairly common, then this is very close image. Ellana Ellana 21 1 1 bronze badge. This is a good right answer, but do you have anything to add that isn't covered in the older answers? We are talking about only one room on the seventh floor and that is the Room of Requirement. The name comes from the fact, that it can change upon one's request, when the room is empty of people or I'd rather say and other creatures.

    Room of Hidden Things is simple one of the forms the RoR can take fairly often.

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